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Weld Studs and Special Fasteners with CE

Weld Studs and Special Fasteners with CE
Product Detailed
Weld Studs and Special Fasteners CE

Material: Low carbon alloy steel SWRCH15A

shear stud, weld stud,shear connector Mchanical properties ;

according to GB/T10433 ,ANSI/AWSD1.1-92,JISB1198- 82,ISO13918,ASTM A108


shear connector stud dimensions (mm)
WA (Reference)455666
Chemical composition of material (%)
Material CSiMnPSV
SWRCH 15A 0.13-0.18<0.10.3-0.6<0.035<0.035<0.1
Mechanical Properties
ISO 13918Tensile strenghYield PointElongationShrinkage 
Standard>450 >350 >15%- 
Diameter of stud101316192225
Tensile Load (N)329705586084420119280159600206220
Bend test with hammer or with pipe, making the welding stud bent 30 degree, there are no visible cracks on the welding area and the heat-affected zone in the weld stud and shear connector.

  Arc studs range from a #8 to 1 1/4" diameter. The lengths are variable from 3/8" to 60" (for deformed bars). Arc studs are typically loaded with an aluminum flux ball on the weld end which aids in the welding process.

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Sanmen Nuclear Power Engineering


Stud welding is a process for joining a metal stud to a work piece. Stud welding guns hold the stud in place above the material to which it is to be joined. Electrical energy is used to heat the interface of the stud and the parent metal. The stud is then plunged into the parent metal to join them. This process uses a ceramic arc shield called a ferrule. The ferrule surrounds the stud to keep the molten metal contained and shield the arc.

Since arc stud welding time cycles are so short, heat input to the base metal is very small compared to the conventional arc welding. Because there is such a low heat input, the heat-affected zones (HAZ) are very small and minimal distortion occurs in the base metal where the  stud is located. 

ceramic ferrule for stud welding,Shear Stud Connector,Arc Studs,technical ceramic

The steel structure column head jointing nails and ceramic protective or guard rings is formulated with cordierite.

and by molding,vinegar,calcining,etc.The specification is as follows:Φ6,Φ8,Φ10,Φ13,Φ16,Φ19,Φ22 ordinary and penetrable etc.

This product is widely used for magnetic force floating railway engineer,building bridge,building railway,large power plant,plane depot that needs wide span.

Function:Good thermal conductivity function,Environmental Protection,light weightMade by dry pressColor:white,light yellow or other colorUsed in welding

Packing:put in plastic bag,bag are put in carton,carton are put on pallet

Differences Between Capacitor Discharge Welding and Drawn Arc stud Welding

1.Arc Stud Welding (with ceramic ferrule)Stud welding with ceramic ferrule, inert gas stud welding, short cycle stud welding.  The drawn arc stud welding method allows welding of studs 1/8" to 1 1/4" diameter made of non-alloyed, alloyed, stainles and heat-resistant steels to suitable base materials.

Stud fastener and ceramic ferrule are placed in gun and pressed against work plate.The arc is drawn when the trigger is pressed which melts the fluxed end of the stud along with the immediate work area.A ceramic arc shield concentrates the heat and retains the molten material in the weld area from maximum weld strength and reliabillity.At the precise moment the fastener and the parent metal become molten, the fastener is automatically plunged into the work surface. The metal solidifies and a high quality fusion weld is completed.The metal solidifies and welder breaks away the ceramic ferrule to expose the weld fillet around the base of the stud.

2.Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding (CD stud welding)  This process is suitable for welding 12 gauge through 5/16" diameter studs made of non-alloyed and stainless steel, aluminum and brass

Stud is place in weld gun and pressed against workThe weld gun is activated and stored energy is discharged through the fastener melting the full diameter of its base and protion of the parent material.Spring-loading forces the fastener into the molten metal.Metal solidifies and weld is completed in milliseconds.

Advantages for Arc Stud Welding

high reliability thanks to deep penetration and precisely calibrated weld filletAlmost any size or type of stud can be weldedPenetration of weld zone for structural-type strength Larger Diameters up to 1-1/4”No need through-hole preparation,the weld just by a single worker,Labor costs are reduced Welded metal fastening to heavier base materials

Advantages of CD Stud Welding Method

Welding to thin and sheet metal grade materialNo reverse side markingUp to 3/8" diameter fastenersOnly 115 volt power requiredUp to 20 welds per minuteWelded metal fastening of dissimilar metals Very fast, 5-6 millisecondsWill not vibrate loseNo drilling or tapping


Designed for lightness and balance.Comfortable to use, minimises operator fatigue.Made from impact resistant, high strength Verton.Accessories – various accessories and attachments are available to solve specific problems.Extensions are available for both hand tool and earth cables.



Welding range

6mm – 25mm

Stud length range

- with standard legs

- with extended legs



Any length stud

Weight (less cable)


Cable length

5 metres

Cable size

DA4 - 70mm²

DA5 – 95mm²

DA6 – 120mm²

Dimensions L x W x H

250 x 70 x 260mm

Under Sling length


Our company is a manufacturer of Weld Studs and Special Fasteners.

With over 25 years experience, it is our aim to provide a first class quality product in the shortest time possible.

As a manufacturer, we are able to respond to the most urgent requirements of our customers, offering not only standard Weld Studs, but also special design studs and fasteners. We can offer technical advice andpre-production samples.

Weld Studs and Special Fasteners with CE

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